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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More background on Ghost's world...

One of the themes that comes up a lot, naturally, is the healer lore of Ghost's world. After all, that is part of what he does, as a witch. Some of his tools are familiar to us, and some are not so far from reality.

The gods' light Ghost uses is a medical laser, hand-held, and with multiple settings. It can be used as a self-cauterizing scalpel, as well as to cauterize open wounds, but this device can also close wounds and knit the skin. That latter function would come in handy instead of stitches or surgical staples, right?

The Seeker's kiss is a transdermal hypodermic. The medication is loaded into refillable cartridges, and then injected through the skin without needles.

The Seeker's box that the Witch uses is a portable blood chemistry analyzer. A drop of blood is taken and the device can check for abnormalities. Miniaturization is always a hot trend, so I could see this one becoming viable.

Obviously, centrifuges are used routinely and would be nothing new to us, nor would the witchglass, a combination solar panel and battery that the witches use to recharge their devices.

Herbal medicines have given birth to so many modern medicines that it should not be far fetched at all to see Ghost and other healers using them. Traditionally, witches have been seen as wise women, herbalists who could cure illnesses, birth babies, and perform minor surgeries. However, the witchsisters of Ghost's world, Ghost included, see themselves as having another important role.

Knowledge is power, and the witches are custodians of a great deal of knowledge gleaned from the ruins of the fallen cities. While they are no more eager than anyone else to return to that form of society, they are wise enough to want to preserve the best of it. It sets them apart, and often sets them at odds with the godsmen and elders, but the witches fulfill that role of lorekeeper without apology. 

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