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I've been writing since I could first hold a pencil, and by all accounts I didn't limit myself to paper. Walls, tablecloths and the occasional sibling were all fair game, and it shouldn't be surprising to learn that markers were banned in my home with all due haste. Although I now content myself with inconveniencing electrons, the desire to bring the stories in my mind to life hasn't waned. In my spare time, I read, putter in the kitchen, and relax on my terrace or at the lake, weather permitting, with my corgi who strives to be part muse, part food disposal. I'm also addicted to coffee and have a close relationship with my Keurig.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Zombie Romance... with Ducks!

My Zombie BoyfriendMy Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. The wry humor and often deadpan delivery throughout this book had me giggling out loud, and that's always a good thing.

In a nutshell, Edward is a necromancer and medical student who finds a murdered young man and reanimates him. His zombie is a marvel, full of personality, and livelier than most humans, including the reclusive Edward. Kit, as the zombie is named, loves fashion, shopping, cooking, and his kitten, Winston. Kit doesn't remember anything about his former life, and Edward doesn't want to know. Instead, they embark on a life together, finding themselves growing closer. Aside from being a zombie, Kit's just perfect, and Edward gradually begins to relax and think that this might work. After all, even Edward's parents love Kit.

Of course, things are rarely so simple, and when it all goes bottoms up, it's how these unlikely lovers cope that makes this so charming a read. Zombies and romance shouldn't go hand in hand. This book begs to differ, and it's well worth reading for a sweet and sassy journey through the pitfalls of love. This is a wonderful beach read, and I recommend it to anyone who likes romance, fashion, and ducks. Let's not forget the ducks!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Conjoined at the Soul by Huston Piner - A review

Conjoined at the SoulConjoined at the Soul by Huston Piner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again, Huston Piner has given us a coming of age tale that rings painfully true. His protagonist, Randy Clark, is so familiar to me from my own adolescence, and in fact, the entire cast of characters feels like people I knew and grew up with myself.

This is a remarkably deft and often humorous look at life as a gay teen in a time and place where that sort of thing was not cool, not cool at all. Of course, cool or not, it existed, and the rituals of teenage acceptance clash with Randy's journey of self-discovery.

I loved this book. I loved the beautiful accuracy of the pop culture of the time, the music, the clothing, the rites of passage. I loved the innate sweetness of the protagonist, and I ached for all the missteps and misunderstanding that plagued him. I loved his friends, and I loved the way the bigoted weren't magically converted to sympathizers. It's honest, and sometimes painfully so, but that's the true magic of this book.

I'd recommend this book with all my heart. It's just superb.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Free Read: Punch Line

I'd strongly suggest you go back a bit and read a little piece I called "Hunting Elysium" before you read this, if you haven't read it already. While this probably can stand alone, it's much better as the second part of the tale...

All rights reserved by the author, and unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Punch Line

I've always thought the gods had a sense of humor. The problem is that the rest of us usually don't get the joke. Nothing like being on the wrong end of an "in" joke when the joker uses lightning bolts as a punch line.

I'd done what Zeus asked. It took longer than I wanted, and the heat of late summer had given way to the chill of winter. It should be noted, for all of those enterprising folk who don't believe in climate change, that autumn and spring seem to have disappeared from the New York City landscape faster than pay phones. I'm still not sure which pissed me off more. I debated buying one of those prepaid phones once, but it occurred to me that there weren't all that many people who would call me. The only contact I'd had lately was with the Big Guy himself.

But I digress. I found the lamia, and the blade he'd given me worked just fine. When I'd coaxed a scream from those red lips, it was as satisfying as I'd imagined it would be. I sat back, waiting for the world to fade away like the light in those dark eyes, replaced by the Elysian fields I'd been promised. The scent of lilies and old earth lingered like a pall while her blood dried on my skin, and I guess I fell asleep.


"Do you think he's dead?"

I heard the voice, but it seemed like it was coming from a long way away. It wasn't the sort of voice I'd expected to hear, but then again, it's not like I was exactly an expert on what to expect from Cronus' little kingdom of dead heroes. To begin with, there was an echo, and the last I heard, there were no echoes in fields.

"Of course he's dead. Don't be an idiot. We're all dead."

The second voice was sharper, impatient. It reminded me of my first wife, which was almost enough to get me to open my eyes. She was a bitch, but she was a looker, that woman, and a wildcat in bed.

"You don't have to rub it in. I forgot, all right?" The first one sounded familiar, too. It bothered me, that I couldn't quite place the voice. It seemed like I was going to have to open my eyes, or die of curiosity.

I don't know why I expected to feel the weight of coins on my eyes. It's not like there was anyone who'd care enough to pay my fare, and besides, I was supposed to have that one-way ticket to Elysium, prepaid. I was starting to think I'd been played for a schmo by the Big Guy.

I certainly wasn't going to figure out too much lying here, wherever here was. I opened one eye, expecting to be dazzled by bright sunlight, but no.

Poor judgment. That's always been my curse. It figures I'd forgotten that there were two Elysian fields. This was the subterranean version, where lucky souls got a chance to be resurrected as heroes. Survive that three times, and you get the sunny meadows. I sensed Hera's hand in this.

And speaking of sensing hands, I was suddenly very aware of a hand where I didn't customarily find one. I blinked in surprise as I watched those glossy red nails trail up my cock to the head, circling it and teasing the slit.

Let me tell you a secret. It wouldn't matter one fucking bit if there was a cult of shark-toothed, razor-wielding maniacs surrounding me, as long as one of them knew exactly how to run her fingernails along the underside of my cock. Just like that, I was hard before I took my next breath.

If you're up for another revelation, getting your cock sucked by the same woman who killed you in the first place is not exactly unpleasant. At least she didn't seem to be holding a grudge, which was an improvement, I suppose. I wasn't sure I wanted her at arm's length, but my cock felt differently. I could feel the wet heat of her tongue as it wrapped around the crown of my cock, and a large part of my brain shut down. A shudder of pure pleasure ran up from my balls along my spine, igniting something hot in my belly on the way to my now short-circuited brain.

I'd forgotten about the other voice, the one that reminded me of my first wife, until I heard it again, her breath hot as she purred into my ear.

"She's always felt bad that you died before you got a chance to get off. I let her have the first turn, baby, because I know exactly how easy it is to get you worked up again."

My ex chuckled, and I felt my balls tighten in anticipation. My balls could care less if she was a bitch. That made them the perfect companions to my cock, given how that traitorous bit of my anatomy was acting. But to tell you the truth, my first wife playing tag team with a lamia seemed almost fitting. Hell, my first wife could teach Hera a few things about being a bitch.

That thought didn't make my cock happy, and I felt a growl emanate from the throat it was buried in. The vibration wasn't doing my ability to reason any good, but my cock was a lot happier, and my balls were seconding that opinion.

I'm pretty sure that the classical definition of heroism doesn't include trying not to come while a lamia is licking your balls. I really didn't think a tongue could stretch that far, and then I stopped thinking altogether, the world turning to white behind my eyelids. She purred, I think I screamed, and my ex laughed.

Or maybe it was Hera. For about one second, I pitied Zeus. Right before I died, again. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Emerald Keep (Persis Chronicles #2)Emerald Keep by A. Catherine Noon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Emerald Fire, and I was eager to return to this wonderful and engrossing world. I'm very glad I did.

Teeka and Quill arrange to meet in Teeka's home city of Reghdad for the Daymonth period, when being outside is deadly. Unfortunately for the lovers, Teeka is told that his Contract with Quill is rejected, and he is to return to the Emerald Keep at once. But Teeka quickly learns that there is more here than meets the eye, and more forces against them that could not have been anticipated.

In between the suspense, we're treated to the deepening love between Teeka and Quill. We see sides of them emerging that explain a great deal about Quill's enigmatic demeanor, and Teeka's often stubborn refusal to consider consequences. They've both grown after the events of Emerald Fire, and I was pleased to see Teeka continue to mature, to learn to accept the things he could not change while never losing sight of his goal, to make a Contract with his beloved Quill.

And let's not forget the truffles. I am so in love with those youngsters!

I got the impression that this is not the last we'll see of Teeka and Quill, and I'm hoping this was more than just wishful thinking on my part. I would love to see how this all turns out.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Neon BlueNeon Blue by E.J. Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'd read Snowburn, and promptly fell in love with E.J. Frost, so I started this book filled with happy anticipation. I'm pleased to report that I was not disappointed in the least.

Neon Blue is a tremendously good read. The characters are so well written that they come alive right from the first, and I adored Tsara Faa from the very first chapter. After all, she loves coffee with the same burning passion that I do, so how could I not love her? Her integrity and commitment to doing the right thing with her abilities is also part of her charm. But of course, nice people like Tsara often attract trouble, and hers comes in the form of a demon. And what a demon! It takes a great talent to make evil likable, and yet, Jou is very much a sympathetic character, in between his demonic pastimes and goals. He's also an outstanding cook, which might have been enough to push me over the edge, but fortunately for us readers, Tsara is made of sterner stuff.

I don't want to leave spoilers, so I'll content myself with saying that this book is one you should not miss. The relationship between Tsara and the demon is complicated and you can't take anything for granted. Tsara's family, her colleagues at work, and her friends are as vital and alive at the main characters, and the action is fast-paced and exciting. Personally, I'm looking forward eagerly to the sequel!

Read this book. Then read it again. I intend to.

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