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Friday, February 20, 2015

Some reviews for Ghost's Dilemma

I don't normally do this. I don't post my reviews on my blog, but these reviews leave me humbled and very grateful for my readers. I would write regardless, because the stories want to be told, but to know I've touched readers is something I will cherish. Thank you, all my readers, from the bottom of my heart.

M/M Fantasy/Adventure Romance Ghost's Dilemma by Morwen Navarre

While the beauty of the story and writing was clear, once I was done I felt like I had read a classic, full of beauty, love and strong messages about life, personality and the value of humans.

Magical, intense at times, fast paced and fascinating.

Wonderful read by T London

February 20, 2015 - Amazon Review
I didn’t read the first book in this collection and I feel I would have gained more from the overall story if I had but I don’t feel it took away from the beauty in book 2 as both Ghost and Gerry are strong male characters who are not afraid of love and show their emotions.

Gerry is Ghost alpha and protector. Ghost has taken over the healing of the community using his witch craft and visions that he gets. Sometimes the visions come in riddles that he must decipher and make sense of. When confronted with a situation that will affect the people in his community he must figure out the answers that will rest in only what he can see and what he knows.

This is a story of m/m love but it goes past just the sex, these men are committed to each other in ways that can rarely be seen in relationships today. They support each other and have taken the vows of being protector and the protected. While Gerry will want to rush in and take care of what threatens Ghost, he trust in the man he loves enough to allow Ghost to do what he needs to do in his role as healer.

The writing style is not of the modern age, it felt as if the scenes were a mixture of the past and the future all weaved into one time frame which gave this story a unique and romantic feel as you read it. While the beauty of the story and writing was clear, once I was done I felt like I had read a classic, full of beauty, love and strong messages about life, personality and the value of humans. I am not normally a fan of this genre but I am very thankful I was offered a chance to read this book. It touched my heart and soul and I don’t think I will forget Ghost and Gerry any time soon.

Nina's review on Goodreads
Jan 28, 2015
With this novel, Morwen Navarre builds upon the world she created when we first met Ghost and the Witch, and she does not disappoint.

As you read, you can't help but feel there are other stories around every corner, just waiting to be told. Ghost himself comes upon one or two of them on his travels. And, like the world he inhabits, Ghost has grown and matured as a character. Set a short time after the first, we get to see him fulfilling his new role in the community where he lives with his Alpha, Gerry.

I won't write any spoilers in this review, but I will say that this series of stories is for you whether you like romance, sci-fi, adventure or fantasy. It's imaginative, mysterious, and most of all unique. You don't need to have read the first book to enjoy this, but you may well find yourself seeking it out afterwards.

As a reader, I can't draw a convenient line to say where the future ends, and where the dark ages begin anew. It is a full and richly textured canon that leaves you wanting to know more, and I really hope there will be many more books in this series.

Brilliant storytelling, and the well written love scenes between Ghost and Gerry are the icing on top.

4 Hearts from MM Good Book Reviews, by Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
February 17, 2015
I really enjoyed reading about Ghost, a witch and healer, and Gerry, his Alpha. These two seemed to be a great couple. I only wish I had read the first book, as I was confused about some things that were mentioned in the book.

Intriguing story that grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it to the end. Ghost tries to stop a plague from killing his people. There are dangers everywhere and he has to figure out who he can trust while also finding a cure.

Magical, intense at times, fast paced and fascinating. I really enjoyed this magical world setting. It was both intriguing and fascinating the more I read. Very well written.

Great read.


"You blush and you growl. I want to keep you like you are just then. All smooth, bare skin and pink cheeks. Your eyes shining up at me brighter than your witchmark."

"Moon shine on me, Ghost. When you look at me like this, how can I even think of anything but making love to you?"

Ghost is content to spend all his free time in bed with Gerry. But scandal and hate surrounding Ghost's appointment as the first male witch and a deadly epidemic force Ghost to make choices that might cost him Gerry's love.
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