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I've been writing since I could first hold a pencil, and by all accounts I didn't limit myself to paper. Walls, tablecloths and the occasional sibling were all fair game, and it shouldn't be surprising to learn that markers were banned in my home with all due haste. Although I now content myself with inconveniencing electrons, the desire to bring the stories in my mind to life hasn't waned. In my spare time, I read, putter in the kitchen, and relax on my terrace or at the lake, weather permitting, with my corgi who strives to be part muse, part food disposal. I'm also addicted to coffee and have a close relationship with my Keurig.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Things I never thought I would say...

When I published my debut novella back in 2013, I was elated. It wasn't so much the idea of being a new author, because I wasn't. I'd been writing for a while, and publishing online for free. I didn't think I was good enough to put myself out there, and send something to a publisher.

A dear friend talked me into it, and Torquere Press Inc. took me on. It was honestly one of the best times of my life, and despite all the rollercoaster moments of editing, and worrying about whether or not I was ready, I felt like I was part of an amazing family. The owners of Torquere made me welcome.

I submitted a novel in 2014 and it was accepted for publication. Cue more elation, and once again, despite the bustle to clean up the manuscript and turn it into something proper, it felt so good to be part of this publisher's team of authors.

When they decided to sell Torquere Press Inc. to focus full-time on their own writing, I wasn't worried. I trusted their decision to sell to their general manager. She knew the business, and she knew the authors. My novel was about to be published, and I was riding high.

Apparently not. In case you haven't seen it, let me share this with you all:

Writer Beware

Let's just say I've been happier. This is a fitting end to a year that's seen far too many gifted and wonderful people pass on, and a human Cheeto elected to the highest office in our country.


  1. This too shall pass, trust me. Went through it with WCP. You managed what so many can't, keep that in mind. Now you go from there with a lesson learned the hard way and not at all fun (again, got to do this myself) but still write and press on. You'll manage again. You're damned good and everyone knows it. Keep that in mind! HUGZ you

    1. Be strong. Persevere. You are well able to handle this, it's just painfully hard. All betrayal is.

    2. Thank you, both of you. I suppose this is fast becoming a rite of passage for anyone who wants to publish. Even self publishing is full of perils, but we're fortunate in having the original owners helping us. We've been sharing information about publishers that are as good as Torquere used to be, and we'll persevere. I'm just mostly furious because the current owners will get away with stealing from so many great people, who made the mistake of trusting them.

  2. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I remember what Thea went through with WCP and that was wrenching, I can only imagine what you're dealing with! :(

    1. Thank you, so much. I think what I need to do is dig my heels in, and find new publishers. I'm going to do even better, and prove the current owners to be fools for destroying a good thing.