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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Neon BlueNeon Blue by E.J. Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'd read Snowburn, and promptly fell in love with E.J. Frost, so I started this book filled with happy anticipation. I'm pleased to report that I was not disappointed in the least.

Neon Blue is a tremendously good read. The characters are so well written that they come alive right from the first, and I adored Tsara Faa from the very first chapter. After all, she loves coffee with the same burning passion that I do, so how could I not love her? Her integrity and commitment to doing the right thing with her abilities is also part of her charm. But of course, nice people like Tsara often attract trouble, and hers comes in the form of a demon. And what a demon! It takes a great talent to make evil likable, and yet, Jou is very much a sympathetic character, in between his demonic pastimes and goals. He's also an outstanding cook, which might have been enough to push me over the edge, but fortunately for us readers, Tsara is made of sterner stuff.

I don't want to leave spoilers, so I'll content myself with saying that this book is one you should not miss. The relationship between Tsara and the demon is complicated and you can't take anything for granted. Tsara's family, her colleagues at work, and her friends are as vital and alive at the main characters, and the action is fast-paced and exciting. Personally, I'm looking forward eagerly to the sequel!

Read this book. Then read it again. I intend to.

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